Montessori is one of the most popular and fastest growing educational methods in the world.
The basic philosophy of a Montessori education is that all children carry within themselves the person they will become. In order to develop physical, intellectual and spiritual potential, the child must have freedom: a freedom that is achieved through order and self-discipline.
Dr. Maria Montessori achieved remarkable results with children by designing an educational program based on the innate desire of children to learn.
Children are provided with hands-on material that enables them to learn mathematics, language, science, and history. At the same time they develop intellectual curiosity, self-respect and respect for the world around them.
The world of children is full of sights and sounds that at first appear chaotic. From this chaos, children must gradually create order, distinguish among the different impressions that assail their senses and gradually gain control of themselves and their environment.
Instructors give small group lessons or one-on-one lessons and then monitor the children’s progress as they complete projects on their own, at their own pace.
Montessori graduates are self-directed, motivated learners who are notable for the continuing excitement they find in learning.
Toddler Program
Our toddler daycare curriculum is designed to develop and reinforce each toddler's individual needs. The Children participate in sensory-based learning experiences, while receiving positive and encouraging guidance from our qualified teachers. Teachers assess each child's developing skills and provide activities designed to increase those skills.
At Bridges to Learning, early learning goes well beyond childhood. The philosophy behind our vision is that there’s an opportunity to educate children for life.
We passionately believe in the formation of building trust between toddlers and their teachers. Our small group sizes in the Toddler Day Care Program allow our teachers to understand your child's personality, likes, dislikes, and developmental needs, while creating a true community of care.

Areas of Development
The Bridges to Learning Toddler Day Care curriculum focuses on your toddler's primary areas of development.

Fine Motor Skills
Toddlers' fine motor skills, which include finger and hand movements, need to be encouraged in many different ways in order for them to progress. Our curriculum offers a wide variety of activities for your child to develop his fine motor skills, ranging from finger painting, to using a pincer grasp to pick up finger foods, to making and manipulating clay.

Gross Motor Skills
Our curriculum also focuses on all gross motor skills, such as batting at objects, kicking, walking, and running.

Emotional Skills
Bridges to Learning assists toddlers to explore their emotions. Children begin to gain the skills needed, such as patience, cooperation, and sharing in a calm, supportive manner.

Social Skills
Our Toddler Care curriculum strives to instill people skills. We start with the toddlers becoming aware of their classmates and move on to encouraging simple sharing activities. These simple activities are the stepping stones for the later years.

Communication Skills
Our caring teachers have a deep understanding of how toddlers communicate. They teach toddlers to put their wants and needs into words. Toddlers are encouraged to sing simple songs, recite nursery rhymes, and expand their vocabularies.

Cognitive Skills
Cognitive skills include thinking, learning, and the accumulation of knowledge. We encourage toddlers' investigation of their environment

Day Care (Before and after school care!)
A secure environment and a caring staff backed by carefully designed age appropriate daily activities ensures balanced physical, intellectual and emotional development at the child’s own pace.
Bridges to Learning believes that all children have an instinctive need to learn, a natural curiosity, and a desire to do work of significance. Our intention is to combine the strongest possible academic atmosphere with a supportive, caring environment in an effort to develop self-confident, motivated students who have a love of learning.
Our programs are designed to meet the individual needs and unique learning style of each student. Each child is an active participant in a learning process which stresses real-world connections and interdisciplinary experiences. Your child will leave Bridges to Learning with a positive sense of self, a consideration for others, and a commitment to life-long learning.
Summer Camp
(A program for all children-all summer long)
Our summer camp program is designed to meet the needs of not only the young child, but also the busy parent. The summer camp continues to inspire young minds to love, learn and lead the way while taking time to enjoy summer in a structured, recreational environment. In addition children can relax with books and art.
Recreation, Relaxation and Respect
Bridges to Learning offers an environment where safety and respect take precedence above all else. The Montessori philosophy of respectful discipline will be maintained always.
The Summer Camp curriculum is built upon a series of themes designed to inspire your child to explore, create, interact, and stay active during the summer holidays. Appropriate games, which include preschool activity and school age fun, accompany each theme and enhance what your child has already learned.
At Summer Camp, your child's ordinary summer vacation is transformed into a strong foundation for the future. While the younger summer campers spend their time practicing a preschool activity, older campers gain vital decision-making skills as they assist their teachers in choosing each day's activities.
Bridges to Learning’s Summer Camp curriculum is another way to help reinforce learning all summer long. While the younger summer campers spend their time practicing a preschool activity, the older campers gain vital decision-making skills as they assist their teachers in choosing each day's activities.
At Summer Camp, your child's ordinary summer vacation is transformed into a strong foundation for the future.
Special explorations into a variety of themes will be incorporated into the summer program. These areas will be expressed through drama, art, cooking and fitness. Summer Camp will be supervised by our Montessori trained Bridges to Learning staff.
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