After school care

A new concept introduced for the first time in Sri Lanka by to ease the burden of parents while they are busy at work. We now offer a service to pick up your child from school and bring them safely to our daycare center. Our trained daycare staff will assist and supervise your child during the latter half of the day to make it a more enhanced experience for them, while you are engaged with your busy work schedule.

After the children arrive, we will provide them with a nutritious hot lunch and make sure that they eat well. Later, they are given a refreshing warm water body wash. Thereafter, they will do their homework under supervision and assistance. Help with homework is one of the personalized benefits they receive. This has the added benefit of relieving you of having to help them with homework after a long day of work. Instead, you get to spend quality stress free time with them in the evenings.

Benefits of the After School Program