Bridges to Learning is dedicated to the development of the whole child; social, intellectual, emotional and physical. Our approach to education goes beyond academics and creates a house for children in a meaningful manner.

The Montessori philosophy is at the heart of everything we do at Bridges to Learning. We base our approach on Dr. Maria Montessori’s unique methods designed to cultivate a life-long love of learning, independence, responsibility and respect for all living things, including the environment.
To create a peaceful Montessori classroom that unlocks each child’s potential, while nurturing respect and fostering a love of learning.
Montessori Classroom
  Prepared environment
  Development of the whole child
  Professionally trained teachers
  Academic Excellence
  Montessori Materials
Unlock each child's unique potential
  Encourages independence, self discipline
  Nurture interests and abilities of each child
  Whole child emphasis
  Parental awareness to support child at home
  Student centered
  Fosters self esteem
Nurturing respect
  Atmosphere of acceptance and trust
  Culturally diverse population
  Care for one another and the world
  Socially acceptable behavior
Fostering a love of learning
  Develop positive attitude towards school and learning
  Lifelong curiosity
  Basic skills for lifetime of learning
  Parental involvement sets an example that their school is important and worthy of time and effort
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