The Story of Bridges to Learning

Bridges to Learning Montessori House of Children, has been operating since January 2012. Over 400 students who attended this school for their initial education have graduated and are pursuing their higher education in national and international schools.

We base our approach on Dr. Maria Montessori’s unique methods designed to cultivate a life-long love for learning, independence, responsibility and respect for all living things, including the environment.

While we focus on helping children master language skills, math skills and sensorial experience at age-appropriate levels, we simultaneously nurture them to be conscious, caring and compassionate children.

We have also accommodated a number of children with special needs and learning disabilities like Autism, ADHD, LPD and ADP. Over the years we have helped many of them to overcome their disabilities by paying special attention and coordinating with parents, doctors and therapists to overcome these disabilities. We also accommodate shadow teachers when necessary to accompany these children one-on-one. We are proud to announce that most of our children with special needs and learning disabilities have overcome their disabilities and been chosen to national and international schools to pursue their higher education.